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Design Brief

-a bigger goal
-to do right thing the right way
-put in writing what you are planning to do in your project
-include what you intend to learn

What is it?
-a document
-an insurance between parties
-can be changed later
-a basic description of what is need
-both parties must know what they are getting into to

-Project background
-Project type; The "unknown" in the equation
-Directing Resources
-General facts

-Technical info, details
-Precise project info
-Research Areas

-the personnel might change
-avoid waste of time and resources
-starting is easier and faster
-recognizes biggest challenges before hand
-not relying on intutition time running on communication between people
-no surprises
-things might change, important to know what is happening in the beginning, and what might happen later
-might save your project, might be unnecessary, but hard to know in advance
-better to ask in the beginning

Brief is meant to be alive
(working document)

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