Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I have had a revolution to day!

One that has revealed to me what I believe is the secret of the Universe. It is the answer to the eternal question, "Does the Universe end, or does it drift on forever?"

My answer is NO! The Universe is finite!

This is my theory...

The "Corneria Effect".

It borrows its name from the fourth planet of the Lylat System, which has the same properties. I figure that as one travels past a specific boundary in time and space they will be "redirected" to a location on the opposite side of the Universe, only to travel back they way they had come. The best way to describe this is with this image:

Imagine a Room, this room represents the Universe, and it has two doors one on one side of the room and one directly opposite of it on the other adjacent wall. Now watch as a person walks across the room and through one door. They then according to my theory will emerge from the other door.

Because the Universe is so vast when an individual travels over that boundary and are sent to the other side of the Universe they will still believe that they are still traveling out into infinity. If one was to start at one side of the Universe and then travel to and past the other side, they would then in reality have had a displacement of zero.

The "Corneria Effect" is my theory of the boundlessness of the Universe, please do not misuse or claim this idea as your own. Feel free however to leave whatever, comments you have I am eager to hear them.

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  1. I think that this theory is revolutionary and can change the way that mankind perceives the universe. The connection to a much-beloved video game series is touching, striking my nerves to my very core. I cannot wait to hear more from this brilliant mind...