Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is for you Zach!

I just watched the end of a television program about the creation and development of Robots and AI. And I could not help being a bit concerned.

People are so enamored with the idea of creating these robots that will do everything for us and be so intelligent. I believe they are overlooking somethings that are very important:

i)These Robots will mean fewer jobs for humans, this means fewer people will be working, and fewer people will not have MONEY! I do not believe for a second that in this future human beings will cast aside the need for money, and the want for money. Because money will still be as important as it is today, the majority of people (who will not be working and making money) will be left in the dark. The people who "control, use and manufacture" these robots will no doubt demand a payment for the the services that their robots will provide, and how will the unemployed afford these things which will no doubt include the necessities of life.

ii)If robots develop such a strong advanced AI as so many people want and believe will happen, what is not to say these things will not realize that Human beings are just using them. Human beings have rebelled against their gods and creators for all history. Humans have believed themselves to have become equal to these gods, and even more powerful. It is with these robots that we make that we are attempting to become the gods. If we apply this to all universe we know today, we may see a possible pattern:

-The gods created us the Human Being, which is it not just an organic robot
-Humans the new gods will create the Robot, a mechanical being, a robot as we know it.

-Could Humans be the gods' robot
-Could the gods not just be another generation of robot created by some supreme being the robot of yet another.

Now one may say is this not then natural progression. Perhaps, but it will destroy us. Is it not the goal of life not to commit the same mistakes as the creators. We have the opportunity to preserve ourselves, but instead we are willing to throw it away, perhaps we may be worshiped, but then we will be forgotten, and lost.

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